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Hello to all you ! We are naturist from when we are born : home, holidays and everywhere is possible ( if cold permit this of course ). It’s a life style that, for us, means also a totally different life wiew respect our society and system. So, we try to tell others how is important to change in mind. We use, like you, all social networks for this and also knowing in the world who thinks in same way.


There are definitely two types of guys at my gym. Those that wrap a towel around their waist and face away from everyone to get changed. Which looks awkward as they change trying not to reveal anything or cause the towel to fall off. Some guys shower, dry off and put on underwear in the shower cubical.

Then there’s me & the other guys. Who change normally in front of everyone. Some walk to the showers naked and some hold their towels in front of them to hide their willy. There are guys that don’t even bother closing the shower cubical door. Then it’s a quick walk back to the locker & bench to dry off and get dress.

It’s not about exhibitionism. As you would think it’s the guys with the biggest willys or the most muscular. It’s just about who’s comfortable in their own skin. As there are all ages, sizes, physiques and colours of people in both groups.

I go to the gym in my lunch break. So I just want to get changed & shower as quick as possible. I’m in a men’s changing/locker room. So there’s no need to waste time covering up and showering behind closed doors. I’m in a hurry.

I agree with this video. People just need to learn to accept the human body for what it is.